Through advanced design and analysis, Foreship ensures the vessel not only meets the environmental and energy targets you may have, but also your business and economic goals. Our specialities include:

  • hull and appendage design and optimization
  • hull and appendage upgrades for existing vessels
  • energy surveys onboard existing vessels to identify savings possibilities
  • motions, seakeeping and operational capability studies
  • manoeuvring and DP capability evaluation
  • propulsion improvement devices (PID), including design of pre-swirl stator fins and energy efficient skegs
  • aerodynamic simulations for deck comfort and exhaust dispersion analysis

We make use of the world's most advanced CFD tools as well as customised in-house software to deliver the best design possible for your vessel. In partnership with Process Flow Solutions Ltd, we also conduct research and development into new energy saving solutions for newbuildings as well as existing vessels.

Some examples of the work we have conducted in this field can be found in our References section.